Big News At Honeyfi

3 min readSep 1, 2021


We have big news at Honeyfi — great news that will help our app continue to grow and serve even more of your money management needs.

Honeyfi has been acquired and will soon be known as Firstly, the family-first money management app, which will be available September 29. Firstly has all the same features and tools as Honeyfi — but there’s more great functionality on the way! Learn more about the details below.

Firstly — Available in a Desktop Version, and More!

  • You will be able to access the app from your desktop or tablet — our most-requested feature! Now you can see the big picture on your biggest screen.
  • You can sign up for Firstly solo, or with a family partner. And you maintain total control on privacy and what accounts you share (or not) with your Firstly companion.
  • If you already have Honeyfi, nothing changes with your data, settings and savings goals. When you open the Firstly app for the first time after the changeover on September 29, you will be asked to change your password in order to make the connection to Firstly.

Soo… Why Do I Need Firstly?

Less money stress: see all your family accounts in one place: checking, savings, mortgage, credit cards, investments and more.

Smart bill tracking: Keep track of all your payments and never be late for a bill again. Plus: Firstly will identify monthly subscriptions — so you can cancel any you never use. Instant savings!

In-app communication: You and your family partner can keep tabs on purchases, categorize for tax purposes, and even challenge each other to spend less.

Makes saving easy: Use Firstly Savings Goals to set goals for life’s good stuff, both large and small — vacation, college fund, retirement — and save automagically!

So How Do I Get It?

On September 29, you can head over to to sign up for free! (Or head to the app store to download.)

Can’t wait that long? Then click here to be added to our Firstly waitlist, and we’ll be happy to send you an email and link the day we launch! In the meantime, check out some great personal finance advice and articles at

And last but not least, the three Honeyfi founders — Joe, Ramy and Sam — are still at the helm and on board, and thrilled to be a part of the Strategic Financial Solutions team (our new parent company). And if you have questions, we’re always here, just as we have been!

The Honeyfi/Firstly Team

Joe, Ramy and Sam

Originally published at Honeyfi.